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The Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office has three career opportunities in our agency: a dual career path for Detention and Law Enforcement, and Civilian.

When an officer is certified in Detention, he or she promises to keep the public trust by upholding fair and humanitarian treatment of all those incarcerated in our facilities. Though not a sworn position, detention officers are responsible for the care, safety, order and discipline of prisoners who are housed in one of three detention centers. Duties include control, counseling, inmate training and transporting inmates within a unit. A detention officer must be able to handle a wide variety of individuals from diverse backgrounds in some of the most challenging environments and situations.

When a Deputy Sheriff becomes sworn as a Law Enforcement Officer, he or she promises to keep the public trust by upholding the law and protecting the people of our community. Deputy Sheriffs work in a variety of areas including: Arrest Processing/Intake Center, Court Security, Domestic Violence, Child Support Enforcement, Transport, Civil Process, K-9, and Civil Judgment.

When a civilian embarks upon a career with the Sheriff’s Office, they must take an oath of office similar to that of a detention officer and deputy sheriff. Civilians promise to conduct themselves in a professional manner in both their personal and professional life, and that they will not be influenced in any matter on account of personal bias or prejudice. A civilian serves a critical role in the areas of Arrest Processing, Civil Process, Inmate Programs, Business Management, Permits & Registration and Work Release, as well as providing clerical, administrative and planning support in every area.

According to Sheriff Carmichael, "separate career paths make sense for an agency which already has such a large percentage of its resources dedicated to detention and rehabilitation activities. Our Detention field offers more opportunities to advance within the ranks and I want to recruit, hire, train and retain professional employees who become future supervisors."

Research reflects that detention is a professional field that is growing, not only in this county, but across the nation. “The respect detention officers have deserved for years are finally becoming a reality,” says Sheriff Carmichael. "In implementing the duel career track where detention officers and deputy sheriffs are virtually equal, the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office will continue to set the standard for a professional detention career, as well as a law enforcement career. Also, with respect to civilians, their role provides the vital support which assists us all in achieving our goals."

Within MCSO’s dual track of detention and law enforcement, detention officers will have a clear, well defined role with the focus on detention and opportunity for professional and promotional advancement in that area; and, deputy sheriffs will no longer be placed in an entry-level role within detention facilities. Their careers will be more in line with the traditional law enforcement needs. According to Sheriff Carmichael, "I want it clear from the time someone interviews with the agency what his or her career options are. This plan allows us to attain our vision: ‘being recognized as a leading and professional organization, dedicated to customer service and improving the quality of life in our community. I believe all three career paths provide future professional opportunities and a way to serve our community."
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