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Applications are submitted electronically through our website, over the phone, or by walking into the Recruiting office, located at 901 Elizabeth Ave, 5th Floor, Charlotte NC 28204.

Applicants that have successfully passed the application phase will receive instructions to prepare to take the Nelson Denny reading comprehension test. Before taking the reading test applicants are required to complete the online Personal History Statement and the Brains™. Instructions will be sent on how to complete the online Personal History Statement, and the timed Brains™ screening.

The Nelson Denny test is a two-part test; each part of the test is timed. Applicants need to ensure that they arrange enough time in their schedule to take the test, as it may take up to 1 and half hours including testing and information session. There is a minimum requirement to reach in order to proceed to the next phase of the application process. Applicants will know on the day of testing if they will proceed or not.

Applicants that will proceed in the process will stay for an information session, register for a physical assessment, and receive instructions and paperwork that need to be completed prior to their assessment date. The paperwork will include testing site address, physician release form, and instructions to complete the Psychological assessment.

On Physical Assessment day applicants are required to have their completed physician release form, signed and stamped by practitioner, and readable, current, non-expired state or government issued identification. Applicants should arrive dressed for physical activities which include the following timed events:
  • 25 standard sit-ups within 1 minute
  • 14 standard push-ups within 1 minute, modified push-ups are not acceptable
  • 300-meter sprint within 1 minute and 32 seconds
  • 1.5 mile run within 18 minutes and 50 seconds
Applicants that are successful in passing each component of the physical assessment will stay for a brief information session.

Upon passing the Physical Assessment, applicants will be contacted by a recruiter to schedule his/her Psychological evaluation. Each applicant will receive an email confirmation from The FMRT Group that will include the doctor's office location and information they need to complete prior to arriving for their evaluation. Applicants that are found psychological suitable will proceed to the next phase. Applicants that are traveling more than 2 hours to take the psychological evaluation will also have the option to have their interview completed the same day.

The applicant will have a formal interview with their assigned recruiter. During this interview each applicant should bring all documents received from our agency. All documents should be completed in black ink only. Applicants must know that during your interview the recruiter will be verifying documents and making sure that each applicant provides all personal information for the past 10 years. Applicants that have a positive interview will have their background investigation initiated and it can take up to 20 business days to complete.

After clearing a background investigation your file will be submitted for approval. You will have a medical evaluation administered by the agency provided Physician, be fingerprinted, take a photo id for the agency, and be fitted for uniforms. Applicants should allow 2 days to complete this process because of the multiple steps that have to be completed.

This is the final phase in our application process. You will receive a formal offer of employment with start date and an itinerary of where you report on the first date. At this time any questions concerning benefits should be addressed with a Human Resource representative.
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