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Crisis Negotiation
Unit (CNU)

Direct Action
Response Team (DART)

K-9 Unit

Motorcycle Unit

Sheriff's Response
Team (SRT)
The Direct Action Response Team (DART) was formed in 1998 at MCJ-Central, the agency’s major pre-trial Detention Facility. DART is a specialized team of Officers trained to perform cell extractions. D.A.R.TThey remove disruptive residents from their cells, as well as serve as a visual deterrent in discouraging residents from pursuing disruptive behavior.

DART is also used within the Jail facilities to conduct mass searches, escort combative residents safely from one destination to another, and will assist SRT/CNU in the event there is a major Jail disruption. Each team member must successfully complete the Detention Officer Physical Abilities Test in 7 minutes 20 seconds prior to completing 40 hours of rigorous training. The 40-hours of training consist of equipment use, practicing techniques, conducting mock cell extractions, understanding the UOF continuum, physical training/exercise, etc.

There are teams on all four shifts at MCJ-Central. Each team will consist of no more than 12 Officers. DART is composed of highly trained Detention Officers, who volunteer their service to the team with no extra compensation. D.A.R.T Each team member has clear duties and responsibilities during a cell extraction. Members are assigned throughout the facility and meet at a designated location in the event an extraction is needed. While conducting cell extractions, each team member wears special equipment including riot helmet with visors, gloves, knee pads, shin guards, and riot vests. All cell extractions are filmed for liability reasons.

DART members are always willing to assist wherever needed with the Jail-Facility. They are proudly dressed in the distinct black BDUs with gold letters DART on the back.
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