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The Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office is responsible for serving Domestic Violence Protective Orders (commonly known as a 50-B Order) on those found to be located within the county. These orders can originate from other counties within North Carolina, as well as other states.

Since a Domestic Violence Protective order is a court order, it specifically states in the conditions of the order what the Sheriff's responsibilities are to fulfill that order. The conditions of the Order are purposely read to the defendant. Any items such as keys, garage remote controls, weapons…etc, that the order authorizes the Sheriff’s Office to confiscate are done so and stored or turned over to the Plaintiff if authorized.

Domestic Violence orders can be issued 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Generally, a judge will hear the complaint from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM during the week, and a magistrate will listen to complaints of Domestic Violence after hours and on weekends. It is up to the individual judge or magistrate as to whether they will issue an order of Domestic Violence or deny the complaint. Once the order is issued, it is then given to the Sheriff's Office for service.

When obtaining a Domestic Violence Order it is vitally important to provide to the Sheriff's Office as much information as possible as to the whereabouts of the defendant. (This would include the person's: Date of Birth, SSN#, picture, type of vehicle most often driven, telephone numbers including cell, parents, friends, etc. The name and location of the person's employment and phone numbers, frequented places, friend's addresses and numbers and anywhere else the person could be located.)

Additionally, the Sheriff’s Office serves 50-Civil No-Contact Orders issued by the court. These Orders may be issued by the courts in situations where a 50-B order is not appropriate.

Questions pertaining to Domestic Violence Orders can be addressed by contacting:
Rebekah LaPan 980-314-5908
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