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To provide services that expose the inmate population to reading, programming and legal information in an attempt to ease tension and promote literacy.

Libraries are located at both Jail Central and Jail North. Readers may choose from fiction, nonfiction, young adult titles and titles in Spanish. Because MCSO libraries operate using a public library model, readers learn good library habits. However, the simple goal is to build a foundation for life-long learning through reading.

No library functions solely on its funding; therefore, quality donations are always welcome. For more information about the Donation Policy and Procedure, click here.

Thanks to a broad spectrum of community volunteers and agency outreach partners, library staff is able to plan and schedule an array of special events. Goals include introducing participants to new technology; the exploding range of jobs and careers; and avenues to reenter the community.

    • Freedom Reads - Young adult males, 16-17, partner--community volunteers

      Ladies First - Adult females, partner - community volunteers

      Books to Movies – Adult males, partner CPCC outreach
  • SEMINARS 101
    • Brief introductions to a variety of subjects of interest such as photography, creative writing or __________
    • Scholars and instructors from area colleges provide participants with the opportunity to learn about subjects in higher education in advance.
    • Female inmates at Jail Central learn the many steps of seeking employment from completing an application through on-the-job- training. After completing a 20-hr. class about library operations and skills, they may interview for a position to work in the library.
Anyone interested in working as a library volunteer should contact Jail North Librarian, Sylvia Moon at 980-314-5588.

Access to a legal reference collection is provided at Jail North and Jail Central. Inmates may request an appointment using a law library request form. Appointments are prioritized based on legal representation, either private or public defenders; status in the judicial process – pre-trial, sentenced, or appeal; and previous appointments. Access to legal information is available to all inmates regardless of their classification and housing location – general, maximum or disciplinary. This collection is funded by proceeds from the inmate commissary fund.
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