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  • All sales are made subject to all liens and encumbrances which become effective prior to the judgment or execution lien under which the sale is being held.

  • A purchaser can acquire only the interest the judgment debtor possessed in the property when the lien became effective.

  • The purchaser then becomes responsible to pay the prior liens if he wishes to retain possession and ownership of the property.

  • The rule of "caveat emptor," or let the buyer beware, applies to all purchasers of property at execution sales.

  • All sales are sold as is with no warranty.

  • Any real property sold under execution remains subject to all liens which became effective prior to the lien of the judgment pursuant to which the sale is held, in the same manner and to the same extent as if no such sale had been held.

  • The Sheriff encourages prospective bidders to research real property at the register of deeds.

  • Every sale shall be made for cash.

    1-339.68(b), 1-339.47

    All sales subject to cancellation.

    No sales at the current time
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