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Crisis Negotiation
Unit (CNU)

Direct Action
Response Team (DART)

K-9 Unit

Motorcycle Unit

Sheriff's Response
Team (SRT)
The Sheriff's Response Team (SRT) was formed in 1987. The role of the SRT is to provide specialized response to emergencies that involve agency personnel as they perform their duties. The team is also available to assist other law enforcement agencies if called upon. The SRT is composed of highly trained deputy sheriffs, all of whom are volunteers because of the hazardous duties they may be called upon to perform. Each member must pass a rigorous physical assessment, an oral interview, and demonstrate expert proficiency with firearms. SRT members receive basic and advanced training in hostage rescue, barricaded subjects, high risk warrant service, vehicle take downs, team and individual movements and woodland operations. In addition, they are certified in the deployment of specialty impact munitions and the air taser.

Some SRT members receive basic and advanced training as snipers and observers.

The SRT trains monthly with a week of special training each winter and summer along with quarterly training with the Crisis Negotiations Unit.

The members of the SRT unit are broken into two squads. Each squad has a tactical medic who is a certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), a sniper and observer. Both squads are trained to perform entries or perimeter duty and can work as a platoon if called on to assist another tactical team.

Active shooter, civil disturbances and restoring order in a detention facility are examples of the types of incidents the SRT is prepared to handle.

Captain N. Funderburk, Commander
Sgt. C. Anderson, Team Supervisor
Sgt. A. Conner, Team Supervisor
Sgt. R. Freeman, Team Supervisor
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