Direct Action Response Team (DART)

The Direct Action Response Team (DART) is a specialized team of detention officers trained to perform cell extractions for volatile detention residents. DART serves as a visual deterrent to discourage residents from pursuing disruptive and criminal behavior.

DART is also used in the detention facilities to conduct mass searches, escorting combative residents safely from one destination to another and assist tactical units in the event there is a major detention center disruption. DART members go through a competitive and strenuous selection process and must successfully complete the Detention Officer Physical Abilities Test and an intense training course to gain the fundamentals needed for conducting cell extractions, restraint techniques and understanding the legalities and proper applications of physical force.

DART is comprised of highly trained detention officers, who volunteer their service to the team; DART utilizes specialized equipment while conducting cell extractions to maximize their safety including riot helmet with visors, gloves, knee pads, shin guards, and riot vests. All cell extractions are done in the most humane and professional manner. Each cell extraction is filmed to provide an accurate account of the activity and to reduce liability.

Safety is paramount and this highly skilled team is a valuable tool deployed in our detention centers when dealing with violent and dangerous offenders.

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