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How do I become a Detention Officer or Deputy Sheriff?

First you must submit your application online. Once submitted, your application will go through a preliminary screening. If selected, you will be notified by email as to the next step in the process.

I submitted my application should I call to check on the status?

No, we are unable to accept calls to check on the status of your application. Due to the high volume of applications received, processing time varies from month to month. You will be notified by email once your application has gone through the preliminary screening.

Can I walk in and fill out a paper application?


I am from out of state how will this affect my application process?

A large majority of applicants are from other states or outside the Charlotte-Mecklenburg area. We do our very best to minimize trips by attempting to consolidate as many appointments as possible. An "out of area" applicant can expect to make approximately four trips during the application process. This is true for both Deputy Sheriff and Detention Officer applicants.

If hired as a deputy will I get a take home car?

No, in most cases, a new deputy will start in Arrest Processing.

If I start as a Detention Officer can I transfer to Deputy later on?

Because of our parallel career track the Sheriff prefers that you continue in the field for which you were hired. According to Sheriff Carmichael, “our Detention field offers more opportunities to advance within the ranks. I want to recruit, hire, train and retain professional employees who become future supervisors." However, some detention officers do transfer to a deputy sheriff position when an opening occurs. In order to be considered for a transfer, you must remain in good standings as a Detention Officer for at least 3 years. You must then obtain - on your own time - the Basic Law Enforcement Training Certification (BLET). The Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office does not offer a BLET school, nor will MCSO sponsor a candidate for BLET.

I am certified in another state. Will you honor my current out of state certification?

The Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office does not recognize certifications issued by other states. MCSO will provide all the necessary training during the ten-week Detention Officer Certification Course. This training will be required for both Detention Officers and Deputy Sheriffs hired in Mecklenburg County. Also, deputies, prior to submitting an application, must already possess a valid North Carolina Basic Law Enforcement Certification.

Soon I will be graduating with a four year degree in Criminal Justice. I am already certified. Can I reasonably expect an assured position with the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office?

No. A college degree in Criminal Justice or current certification is a plus, but does not guarantee a candidate will be hired based on the degree and or certification alone. All applicants for any position must successfully complete the application process in order to be considered for hire.

I am interested in a career with the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office but I have had previous criminal convictions. I have also had charges that were dismissed. Will this affect my chances for employment?

All applicants are required to meet current recruitment standards. A previous conviction does not necessarily mean disqualification; however, anyone charged or convicted of a felony should not apply.

I do not live in North Carolina. Am I still able to be an employee of the Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office?

The Mecklenburg County Sheriff's Office does not penalize employees for residing in other states. However, we do require a deputy sheriff to reside within a 50-mile radius of Jail Central located at 801 East Fourth Street, Charlotte, NC 28202.

I have already applied and haven’t heard anything but the job posting is available again. Do I apply again?

No, recruiters are constantly reviewing applications, so you do not need to reapply. Once your application is reviewed, a recruiter will be in touch by email to explain the next step. Because of the need for good employees, MCSO accepts applications on a monthly basis.

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