Field Operations

The Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office Field Operations Division is comprised of four shifts that cover thirty-two geographical civil process zones that cover all of Mecklenburg County. The Field Operations Division also has subsections that perform the service of specialized civil processes, that include our Civil Judgments Unit, Domestic Violence Unit, and our Field Transportation Unit.

Field Operations staff provide an additional law enforcement presence to residents of Mecklenburg County. Field Operations deputies provide a vital service to the public while working primarily as the enforcement arm of the courts.

Field Operations deputies do not answer 911 calls for service but conduct other responsibilities that are inherent to the Office of the Sheriff. Personnel assigned to Field Operations serve civil processes, domestic violence protective orders, conduct sex offender verifications, serve warrants, involuntary commitment orders and conduct traffic enforcement.

Sheriff’s Office vehicles are equipped with video cameras, radar, mobile computing terminals and thermal printers to assist deputies in performance of their duties. Field Operations are highly visible and are the public face of the organization.

Civil Judgement Unit
Civil Process
Domestic Violence
Field Transportation
Civil Judgement Unit
The Civil Judgement Unit is a subsection of our Field Operations Division that specializes in the service of advance civil processes that come as a result of a ruling against a defendant in a court of law that requires the defendant to pay damages. Damages are generally money amounts and when defendants do not pay the judgement as ordered by the court the Sheriff’s Office is provided with a Writ of Execution in order to start the collection process to satisfy the judgment.

Deputies assigned to the Civil Judgement Unit act as judgement collectors and seek to satisfy judgments by the seizure of monies through bank levies, wage garnishment, and levies of personal and real property.

The Civil Judgment Unit is supervised by Sergeant K.H. Drumm and Sergeant J.L. Warner:

Sgt. K.H. Drumm
980-314-5981 - office
704-432-1676 - fax

Sgt. J.L. Warner 980-314-5980 - office
704-432-1676 - fax
Civil Process

The service of civil process is a core function that falls inherently on the elected Sheriff and a primary function of many Sheriff’s Offices nationwide. MCSO Field Operations Division has thirty-two civil process zones spread throughout Mecklenburg County. Field Operations deputies work rotating twelve-hour shifts and serve a variety of civil processes. Field Operations personnel while working to serve civil processes also serve criminal warrants, orders for arrest, and enforce traffic laws.
Domestic Violence
The MCSO Domestic Violence Unit is another subsection of the MCSO Field Operations Division. Deputies assigned to the Domestic Violence Unit specialize in the service of Domestic Violence Protective Orders (DVPO), commonly referred to as a restraining order.

A DVPO is a court order, telling the defendant or the person whom the order is entered against, specifically what they cannot do. In North Carolina there are two kinds of DVPO’. The first is an ex-parte DVPO, meaning the order was issued without the defendant having an opportunity to be heard. This DVPO is issued by a judge without any formal hearing, and usually lasts from 7-10 days from the date of service.

The second kind of DVPO is a full one-year DVPO, entered after a hearing or with the consent of both the parties. Domestic Violence Protective Orders are considered high priority by MCSO and the deputies assigned to this unit work tirelessly to serve these protective orders.

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Field Transportation
The Field Operations Transportation subsection performs a critical function of the Field Operations Division. Deputies assigned to the Field Transportation section are responsible for the service of Involuntary Commitment Orders (IVC). Upon the issuance an order for custody and transportation of a person alleged to need examination and treatment. This order is not an order of commitment but only authorizes the person to be evaluated and treated until a court hearing. Deputies pick up these persons referred to as respondents and transport them to mental health facilities.

Field Transportation staff travel all over the state picking up respondents from various mental health facilities. Transportation staff also pick up persons held in custody in other counties that may be wanted for pending charges in Mecklenburg County.