Sex Offender Registration

TThe North Carolina General Statutes § 14-208.5 requires persons who are convicted of sex offenses or of certain other offenses committed against minors to register as a Sex Offender under the North Carolina’s Sex Offender and Public Protection Registration Program. The statute requires that when a sex offender is convicted by the courts and the offender is ordered by the judge to register, the offender must report in person immediately to the Sheriff’s Office in the county they will reside. Once a convicted sex offender is registered by the Sheriff’s Office, the offender receives a resident verification letter every six months after their initial registration.

Offenders are required to report to the Sheriff’s Office in person to verify that they still reside at the address currently on file. As long as offenders abide by all the residential requirements and communicates with the Sheriff’s Office Sex Offender Registration Office anytime their addresses change they meet the requirements of the General Statutes.

The primary responsibility of the MCSO Sex Offender Registration Office is to register convicted sex offenders as required by law. The office also processes address changes and documents any changes in the registered offender’s status. Deputies go out the verify addresses and randomly check to ensure that registered offenders are in compliance with the North Carolina’s Sex Offender and Public Protection Registration Program. Deputies also investigate any complaints that have been reported and file criminal charges against offenders that have violated the requirements of the program.

You may visit the NC public registry by clicking on this link North Carolina Offender Registry (

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Sex Offender Registration

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