Behavioral Health Unit

The Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office in partnership with Wellpath has the responsibility to deliver comprehensive mental health/behavioral health services that provide for the care and treatment of patients with mental disorders. The Behavioral Health Unit program utilizes a multi-disciplinary treatment and skills necessary to successful transition to general population and reintegrate in the community.

37% of incarcerated adults have a mental health diagnosis
*most have more than one diagnosis

Mecklenburg County Detention Center’s Male Behavioral Health Unit was opened in August 2019. The Female Behavioral Health Unit was opened a year later in August 2020. This program is designed to help the residents who come to our facility that suffer from mental illness cope with the transition to incarceration from the community. Along with the rules and regulations of the facility, the programs that are set in place teach positive reinforcement, coping skills, and other skills in a therapeutic setting. These valuable skills allow the residents to be positive and productive citizens in our community once they are released. The residents are taught not only healthy coping skills, but how to practice them here in the detention center and out in the community. The entire behavioral health staff strive to instill change in these men and women that will make a difference in the long run.

Entrance/Resident Criteria

  1. Must be assessed by Wellpath
  2. Psychological evaluation
  3. Willing to work with discharge planners for continuity of care
  4. Voluntary participation
  5. Medically compliant
  6. No history of violent behavior

Benefit to Residents

  1. Direct clinical services
  2. Individualized treatment plans to address mental and behavioral health
  3. Support from outside agencies
  4. Discharge planning for continuity of care

Staff Qualifications

  1. Correctional Behavioral Health Certification
  2. Crisis Intervention Training

Contact Information:
Mental Health Director: Mr. C. Cooper

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