Office of Professional Compliance (Internal Affairs)

In order to maintain the trust of the citizens we serve and to ensure professionalism and ethical conduct, the Office of Professional Compliance conducts thorough, impartial, and fair administrative investigations of any Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office employee accused of misconduct. The Office of Professional Compliance reports investigative findings directly to the Sheriff of Mecklenburg County.

MCSO is committed to providing professional services to the community and to being accountable to our citizenry. If you find the need to file a complaint against any Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office employee, please try to obtain as much specific information as possible such as the date, time of the incident, name or description of the employee, and the names and addresses of any witnesses to the incident. You may ask uniformed personnel for their code number since badge numbers are not used as an employee identifier.

Complaints may be filed online, by telephone, by email, mail or in person at:

Office of Professional Compliance
901 Elizabeth Avenue, Suite 400
Charlotte, NC 28204
(980) 314-5840

700 E. 4th Street, Charlotte, NC 28202
Information Line: 704-336-8100

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