Juvenile Detention Center

In 2017 North Carolina lawmakers passed legislation that raised the age of juvenile jurisdiction for nonviolent crimes to age 18. The ‘Raise the Age’ initiative became law through a strong bipartisan coalition of support from all three branches of government, law enforcement and advocacy organizations, which continues today. North Carolina was the last state in the union to change the age of juvenile jurisdiction to age 18.

On December 1, 2019, the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office has partnered with the North Carolina Department of Public Safety to convert what was formally Detention Center North to Juvenile Detention Center North.

This was a significant shift in our operation but a shift that MCSO thought was necessary to provide the juveniles of Mecklenburg County with the best possible services during their detention.

Detention Center North already had an existing infrastructure from housing 16 and 17 year old residents with a strong program model that emphasizes personal responsibility, education, and positive growth and development for our youth.

Juvenile Detention Center North continues to provide juveniles from ages 15 though 17 with the best possible detention services and programming available. Detention Officers assigned to this facility are also certified Juvenile Justice Officers and have the specialized duties of guiding young residents emotionally, mentally, and psychologically throughout the confinement and rehabilitation period.

Major C. D. Youngblood
Facility Commander

5235 Spector Drive
Charlotte, NC 28269

(980) 314-5500

700 E. 4th Street, Charlotte, NC 28202
Information Line: 704-336-8100

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MEDICAL HOTLINE: (980) 314-5222

Please call the number above if you have questions or concerns about the medical or mental health of a resident located at one of the MCSO’s Detention Centers.

You will be prompted to leave a message with your call-back number. Your message will be received by medical personnel, and you will receive a return call within 48 hours.

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