Re-Entry Support Services (RESS)

Restoring the DignityRe-Entry Support Services or R.E.S.S is a new initiative being launched this month by Sheriff Garry L. McFadden. It’s a project that has been implemented in other detention facilities, but not in Mecklenburg County. On more than one occasion, Sheriff McFadden has been present when residents have been released. In some incidences, they have no one to take them home.

Sometimes, they no longer have a home. This is especially true for residents who have been incarcerated for longer periods of time. More often, those residents leave without the necessities or resources to successfully transition back into the community. The intent of the RESS initiative is to provide those residents with the necessities.

The Sheriff has reached out to the community for donations, and the community has answered the call. In just one month, the community has provided overwhelming support and enthusiasm for the RESS initiative. All qualifying released residents will be leaving with a RESS backpack filled with donated items such as COVID masks, hand sanitizer, toothpaste and toothbrush, deodorant, soap, shampoo, underclothes, feminine products, and grooming items.

Our residents already know that we care and encourage them. We want them to succeed once they have left our facility, but when they see that outside communities, business, faith organizations and individuals get together to support them, it sends an even more impactful message.

There are also volunteer opportunities. If you would like to volunteer please complete the Volunteer Background Screening Form. Once done, please forward the form to

RESS is on ongoing project. We are asking people, churches, business’ & organizations to donate these items and more. We are always in need of continued support. To find out more or how to partner with us or contribute, please call:

Brenda Rubiano
Volunteer Coordinator (980) 314-5172
Fatima Gonzalez
Staff Chaplain (980) 314-5465





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