Resident Inquiry

North Carolina Law makes this information public. The Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office provides it via the internet for your convenience.

Be careful not to confuse criminal charges with criminal convictions. Many people are charged with crime(s) without being convicted; however, the arrest record is still active and public record. As well, the civil inquiry lists all civil process filed with the Clerk of Court but does not reflect case disposition. For more information about a particular case, visit the Clerk of Court’s Office at 832 E. 4th Street, Charlotte, NC.

Resident Inquiry – for Mug Shots and more

Warrant Inquiry – who has an outstanding warrant?

Arrest Inquiry – who has been arrested?

Civil Inquiry – look for civil process records

Arrest and resident inquiry information will remain online for three years from the date of arrest or release from the Detention Center. To remove the information prior to three years, the Sheriff’s Office must receive an Order of Expunction signed by a judge. For more information about having charges expunged, please contact your attorney.

Should you need to print from an inquiry please click the “Printer Friendly Version” link located at the top of the page. The link can be found in the navigation bar.

If you are unable to access these systems please check with your local technical staff if your location uses a firewall.

Should you experience any difficulty with these applications please send an email to the link below:

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