Victim Notification System (VINE)

  • The Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office offers crime victims continuous access to vital resident information – anytime day or night. A resident is anyone who did not bond out and is actually committed into the detention facilities. Information regarding arrestees who bond out of the Detention Center is not available.

    Crime victims can get the current custody status of the person (or persons) that victimized them simply by calling 1-800-247-9658.

    In addition, crime victims can register with the Victim Notification system to be notified automatically when a specific resident is released or transferred. VINE® is presented as a service to victims of crime in Mecklenburg County and the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office.

  • Using a touch-tone telephone, dial 1-800-247-9658. Follow the prompts (instructions) given by the system. If you wish to check on the custody status of a resident, you must have one of the following:

    • PID number
    • Resident’s last name, first name
  • After the correct resident is identified, the system will give you the option to register for automatic notification. Follow instructions the system gives. The system will ask for a telephone number to call for notifications and a PIN (Personal Identification Number) to confirm notification
  • The PIN (Personal Identification Number) is used by the victim notification system to confirm that the correct victim is being notified. A victim should use a number that will be easy to remember. The only way to stop Victim Notification calls is by entering the correct PIN number.
  • When a resident is transferred or released, the system automatically calls the telephone number(s) of any victim(s) registered for that particular resident.

    When a victim answers a notification call, the system will deliver a computer-generated message about the resident’s new status. The system will then ask for the PIN number to discontinue further calls.

    If the system reaches an answering machine, it will leave a message but will continue to try to reach the victim directly for 24 hours or until a correct PIN number is entered.

  • Victims should not depend on the Victim Notification system or any other system for their safety. Victims who feel threatened should take precautions as if an resident were released already!

  • Automatic Victim Notification provides immediate notification when a resident is released. Victims should not be surprised or startled if they receive a late night notification call.
  • Do not lose your PIN number! Entering the correct PIN number is the only way to stop notification calls.
  • Do not use a telephone number that goes through a switchboard. Do not use a pager number.
  • Victims of any crime requiring victim notification can get information about a resident’s status in a Mecklenburg County Detention Center or correctional facility.

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