A weekender resident is a person who has been sentenced in court to serve active time in the Detention Center. A Judge will order the sentence to be served on an intermittent basis. By definition a weekender is someone who reports to the Detention Center on their own, is released, then reports back again until sentenced time is completely served. The dates and times to report are scheduled by the courts and must be served as ordered by the Judge.

Serving time as a weekender is considered a privilege and should be treated as such. The weekender program enables people who the courts view as low risk to serve their court ordered sentence while maintaining local employment. This helps keep them functioning as a member of our community and it also helps keep families together.


Those who are ordered to start weekends on Fridays are to report to the Direct Report in Center located at Detention Center Central on McDowell St. across from the Government Parking Plaza.

Those ordered to report any other day of the week are to report in at the Arrest Processing Center front lobby on 4th St. and advise the lobby Officers that they are reporting in to serve their time.


After checking in at either report in location, weekenders will be greeted by a booking Officer. The Officer will escort them into the facility where they will be searched for contraband. Weekenders will also be subject to alcohol testing. The booking Officer will discuss the length of stay and answer any questions at this stage.

Weekenders will be fingerprinted and screened for medical conditions. The next steps will include submitting any cash into a personal account with our finance division (this is a cashless Detention Center system). All personal items such as shoes, belts, wallets, jewelry and clothing will then be inventoried and secured by the property division, until release. The weekenders are then dressed out in a resident uniform and given their Detention Center issued items.

If for any reason someone requires medical attention, the medical staff will ensure medical needs are addressed.

Weekender residents will be escorted into their housing unit or POD, where they will be spending their time. The POD Officers will address the residents with rules and regulations of the facility.

Weekenders scheduled to report in on Fridays will be housed in one of two orientation units for the duration of their stay. These units provide all the amenities that the Detention Center has to offer including games, recreation, television, telephones and showers. They will also receive 3 meals a day. The orientation units are not interrupted by court services as they otherwise would be during weekdays. Weekenders may volunteer to help clean up the living units or to help serve meals.


When you report in to the Detention Center you are allowed to posses the following:

  • Prescription Medicine in its original container
  • Eyeglasses (only soft glass cases permitted)
  • Contacts and eye solution
  • An extra set of under clothing including socks, t-shirt and underwear. T-shirts must be white in color with no pockets.
  • Paperback religious material only, no other books, newspapers or study guides.
  • Females may bring a wireless bra. (No Exceptions)


  • No wigs or hair extensions allowed
  • No gum or candy
  • No cigarettes, chewing tobacco or any other tobacco product
  • No Alcohol
  • No laptops or electronic equipment
  • No food

Pre-made commissary snack bags are available for purchase for $6.50 from the finance section when being processed.

Weekenders should always:

  • Report in on time
  • Report in sober….. reporting in intoxicated is a violation of your court order
  • Do not fail to report in
  • Remember weekends are a privilege

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